Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The news: Boy or Girl?

Well, today we had our ultrasound which revealed the gender of our new baby. 

I really wanted to do something creative for the kids to learn the news after the ultrasound.  So, I decided to bake two cakes, one pink and one blue.  I iced them both with white icing and stashed them away in the refrigerator. 

After the ultrasound, we picked the kids up and headed home.  You should have heard them guessing, chattering, and begging for us to tell them:)  On the way there most of them were guessing girl but on the way home they were mostly guessing boy.

Once home, we pulled out the cake and let Seth cut the cake while we watched to see their reactions to the news of a little brother or sister.

It's a BOY!! 

The ultrasound technician's response was "Your poor daughter".  This next picture is funny (even though a little blurry) because you can see that far away look in Abby's eyes...haha.  Poor thing, she was SO hopping for a little sister.  She will now have six brothers...and will be well protected:)  But, she may just get the privilege of having the baby in her room (when he is sleeping through the night) even though it is a boy.  She has been wanting that for a while now.

Wesley didn't care one bit as long as he was able to eat some of that cake.

So, we are searching to find yet another boy name that we love and are anxious to meet this new little guy!


  1. :) Awesome news for a healthy baby, poor Abby girl, maybe the next one:) hee hee! Congratulations momma!!:)Can't wait to meet this little guy... probably have to be on FB but still..:) ha! Love you! Tracy

  2. Oh, how fun! What very exciting news. Blessings on you and your growing family!

  3. Congratulations on another little boy. Your daughter has so many brothers to mother :)

  4. How much fun. I love the anticipation that builds right before finding out news like this!

  5. Congratulations!!!! I just love little boys as I know you do:) Shayla has been asking for a sissy lately and i always wanted one as I child so I feel for Abby. However I know she will be so in love the min she lays eyes on that little guy and will shower him with love. We have the same dilemma with boys room room being overcrowded and Shayla being alone but her room is tiny. I would love any posts of wisdom on raising A girl in an all boy family :)