About Me

"Allison is a homeschooling mother of eight who holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a specialty in reading. She and her husband Peter are both second generation homeschoolers and serve together on the boards of Arizona Families for Home Education and The Center for Arizona Policy.  Allison has a passion for encouraging families to capture the hearts of their children (over and over again) through the homeschooling process. "
Well...that is the formal "about me" and here is the informal:) 

I should have entitled this page "About me...things that few people really want to know"...haha!

The now...

I'm NOT perfect!  Shocking, I know:)  I'm not blogging because I'm perfect or have all the answers.  If I ever meet "that" mom, I will just link this blog to hers.  If you visit my house, you will not find it in perfect condition...ever...even if I know that you're coming...because I can't do it without locking my kids in their rooms all day:)  In much the same way, you will not find this blog in perfect order...ever...even though I know you are coming.  You will find occasional typos and misspellings on this blog because once again...I am not perfect and I have other priorities...actually eight little ones and a grown one too!  As much as I would love to be perfect, I want more to build this sight as a reference for moms.  I ask that you look beyond the imperfections and hear my heart:)

I live each day with aspirations to improve my relationship with the Lord, my husband, my children, and my friends...and to do a better job loving the people in my life today than yesterday.  And, amazingly enough, it takes a great deal of time.

I am married to my college sweatheart, Peter, and we have eight children who we homeschool.

Apart from my Jesus and the people in my life, my greatest passions are politics, policy, government, photography, and writing...which always seems to involve the people who I love:)

Before this...

I was raised in Texas...homeschooled during the 80s (and yes, I did own a denim jumper. Ha!)  I have two brothers (who probably don't read this blog, so I can go ahead and talk about them.  *wink*)  But seriously, I cherish my family and the memories that I have from growing up in a homeschool family in the 1980s.  There aren't many of us out there.

I attended a private Christian school K-4 and my senior year. So, I was actually only homeschooled for part of my childhood.

I went to a Christian university where I met my husband while serving on a ministry team. I was the keyboardist and Peter a puppeteer.  Now we have our own children's ministry right here in our home!  I earned a BS in Elementary Education with a specialty in Reading and he earned a BA in History.

We were married (the day after graduation) and moved to the east coast for Peter to attend law school.  We lived there for four years. I taught at a Christian school for three of those four years while Peter earned a JD and a Masters in Government. 

After Peter's graduation, we took our six month old, only child, Nathan, and moved to Arizona where we have been for over a decade and a half.

Seven more kids and three in heaven, seven different houses, four jobs, and lots of ups and downs, we are here.  This is the place we are called to be for the present and we are content to rest in the plan of our Heavenly Father.