Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Hunt is On...

This is the time of year that I really start hunting for the curriculum that I want for next year. So far, I have been able to find most of it at used curriculum sales...YEAH! So, after all of the lists and searching, I am down to a few basics that I need to get at the AFHE Convention. However, I'm sure that won't stop me from spending hours sifting through all the different curriculum and educational tools.

I am also beginning to try to fit together a daily schedule that we will follow when we start the new school year. Working around naps and meals we will be going to an all day schedule. Hopefully this will actually be less stressful than trying to finish up before lunch. So, leaving the lists behind, I move on to charts and scheduling..haha. I actually LOVE it...I know! It is most helpful for me to have our daily schedule posted so that I can refer to it and try to keep to our goals...other wise I feel lost...weird I know...haha. This year I am making chore charts for my older three so that they can start becoming more independent and begin to learn some self-monitoring skills. I am expecting to do lots of monitoring myself and teaching and re-teaching on how we do out chores. We are going to start into the morning routine the week before we start school to help with the adjustment.

So, what are the schedules that have worked well...or not so well for your family? Share. I would love the new ideas as I am working through the scheduling:)

Happy charting!