About This Blog

This blog is a "work in progress" (as am I...haha!).  I started this blog in October of 2011 with the hope that it would bless at least one young mom out there in cyberspace.

As a mother of many children, teenagers to toddlers, I am always looking for little tidbits that I can glean from other moms and apply in my own life and family.  I am forever grateful for the mommy friends who speak into my life on a regular basis.  But, I haven't always had access to a group like I have now.  Over the years, I longed for a mentor in my life and begged prayed that God would send a mentor to me.  This was especially true of the time periods when we had just moved to a new area and hadn't formed deeper friendships.

In this modern age of social media, websites, and blogs, I would like to be a resource for young moms who are looking for ideas and encouragement as they strive to raise their little ones.
So, come and glean any ideas that fit with your family, leave comments, and let me know what things have been helpful.  May the Lord bless you as you capture the hearts of your little ones and teenagerd (over and over again) and raise them "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord".

I will be posting and adding resources and information as I find them myself.  So, look around and come back often.  I'm glad that you are here and walking with me on this journey:)