Monday, July 29, 2013

A King is Born

Recently we have had the pleasure of experiencing first hand (well over the internet) what happens when a new king is born.  The waiting...the excitement...the formalities...the modern announcement...
I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the excitement and the tea and scones that Abby and I made to celebrate this new little life who is destined to sit on the throne.

As Abby and I were watching the laptop and listening to the announcement, Seth walks up and says, "Mommy, what is that?"  I said, "A king was born today".

A king was born.  

This phrase echoed in my head as the chaos of excited children, steaming hot tea, and scone crumbs swirled around me.

A king was born.  

I couldn't help but think of how many, many years ago, a different king was born.  There were no cameras, bodyguards, or crazy people like me watching over the internet.  There were no media crowds applauding the announcement only a few (probably terrified) dirty shepherds out in the hills to hear the news.

A King was born.  

How different the circumstances of their births.  Both destined to have an impact in this world.  Both born and announced to those who would listen.  I felt a stirring and a bit of a challenge in my heart.  Do I teach my children to celebrate the King of kings with the same excitement that we were celebrating this new baby-destined-to-be-king? 

As these thoughts traveled through my mind, I began to think about the two babies from the perspective of the mothers.  One a young Jewish girl not yet married and few knew her name.  The other a woman whose name is known around the world.  Both carried within their bodies a tiny baby destined for greatness.  A future king.  With each kick and hiccup, the thought that this is a king.  With each labor pain the knowledge that of a king being born.  What a privileged to be the mother of a king.  To what extent Mary understood the role of her precious baby as she watched him grow into a boy and then a man, we don't know.  But, she did know that He was different and ordained of God to impact this world.  And, she pondered so many things in her heart.

One king born in a hospital, strapped into a top of the line car seat, carefully secured in a luxury vehicle while the world watched and cheered, and then driven to a palace where he will spend most of his days.  The other born in a barn among animals, wrapped in swaddling clothes, laid in a manger, and smuggled away in the dead of night to escape the king who would destroy him.  How the hearts of these two mothers were/are tied to infant kings and their destinies is an amazing thing from the perspective of a mother. 

As moms we have carried our babies in our bodies or in our hearts waiting for them to join our families.  We have waited and announced our little ones, protected them, and pondered many things in our hearts.  They, too have a destiny for which God created them.  Sometimes it is all too easy to loose sight of this fact in the everyday conflicts, runny noses, messes, and middle of the night feedings.  But, God has created each of our children with a specific purpose as well.  He has lent them to us to love, protect, raise, teach, train, disciple, encourage, guide, and eventually release.  What a privilege!  Today as you sweep up yet another crumb or pick up the 198th toy, remember that you are raising arrows to be sent out into the world.  They have amazing destinies that we cannot even begin to imagine.  And, they will impact their corner of this world and the kingdom of God.