Saturday, September 8, 2012

At the polls...again

Well, after collecting signatures for our congressional candidate at the polls last winter, hosting a meet and greet, and walking the neighborhood, we went back to the polls the night of our local primaries and encouraged voters to vote for our candidate.

Here is a picture of the kids holding signs as I passed out literature.  It was hot!  On the way there the temperature in our van went from 109 to 111.  Shouldn't it be going down at the end of the day? Yes, this was in the evening even though the sun was bright and it was well over 100 degrees.

This picture just looks like summer in Arizona, doesn't it?

Now that it is all over and our candidate didn't win in the primaries, I look back and am so glad that we took the kids out and educated them on the process.  They know that it is no easy thing to run for office.  It takes tons of work and sacrifice for you and all those who support you...and there is no guarantee that you will win on election night.

My older boys went out and put up signs for another friend's campaign for a local office.  That friend won his seat which made the boys day.

We will be looking for more opportunities for the kids to learn from experience about how our government works and we should have plenty of opportunities this election season.

How do you teach your kids about the election process?

To get more ideas on how to "learn through the elections", click on the label "learning through the elections" at the bottom of the screen.  

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