Saturday, April 21, 2012

Water play on a hot day

It is that time of know when we start hitting triple digits...if your not from Arizona, then you probably don't know.  It's actually a little early this year.  100 degrees in April is really brutal.  I'm not even sure why we choose to live in such a place...haha.

So, on such a hot spring day, I thought water play would be just the thing.  So, we brought out the water hose, buckets, and small plastic things like scoops, funnels, squirters, etc. and the little boys played all morning as we did school at the kitchen table and enjoyed watching them play.
Here are a few pictures.


  1. SO cute well I am not from AZ. but we spend a week there every summer so I do know how hot it is :) I love the sweet brother playing.

  2. We lived in Las Vegas for almost 5 years (not by choice...military) and I cannot believe you guys are in the 100's already! That is insane!! Glad you all had fun. :)

    I am sure you are fully aware of this, but as a parent of a beloved child with Jesus (he died in a water-related accident), I just want to remind you to be extra diligent and careful. Buckets, toilets, and bath tubs are the #1 cause of accidental drowning in children. All it takes is a parent or the person watching the child for to turn their head for a split second. My husband and I were and still are diligent, and it happened to our 7 year old. Anyway, this time of the year I try to get the word out because I don't ever want anyone to suffer what we have. God bless you!!!

    1. Thank you Shannon. I appreciate the reminder as most people think of pools as the main danger. We are very diligent and were sitting watching the whole time. I read some on your blog and it has made me stop and reconsider our summer plans. I definitely want to be wise in the decisions that I make for my kids!