Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family Photos 2012

Tonight we took some family pictures.  I was really wanting to get some casual family photos that weren't "Christmas photos" in darker colors.  So, after getting everyone cleaned up and into white, we headed out to the park.  I took pictures of the kids and then had a dear friend (who gave up her Saturday evening, thank you Jamie!!) come take the shots of the whole these are a bit tricky for me to take and be in them at the same time...haha.  Here are some of the them!

The "princess"

I love the snaggle-toothed phase:)


The "big boys"




The "little boys"


 Three Amigos
I love how the personalities show up in the pictures!

The Parents

The whole gang
These are the hardest pictures to get with six kids.

Do we look a little pink?  It was 100 degrees outside at 6pm when we did the photo shoot!  This is the first time in a decade of living in the desert that I can remember hitting 100 in April.  It could be a long summer!

So glad that I finally was able to get one of these silhouette shots of my family.  I've been wanting one for months now:)

I love this one.  Totally looks like Sethy is showing his older brother who's boss...haha! 

After pictures we came home, had dinner, put the little boys to bed while Peter played Phase 10 with the older kids while I worked on this post:)

Thanks again to my friend Jamie for coming out and taking the family shots for us!


  1. These are GREAT!!! I know you are thrilled to have hem. It is so hard for me to get family photos also. How sweet of your friend. I love little boys in ties so cute, and I love the family pictures how your princess shines in pink. The silhouettes are Awesome! Your family is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Awesome!! I love them all!