Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo session 1

This is not my family...haha.  This is one of my photography sessions.

At this stage of my life, I have time for very few hobbies.  So, over the years, the things that were lower on my priority list have fallen away.  One of the few hobbies that remains is photography.  I love taking pictures so my camera is never far away.  My kids just humor me as I snap away every chance I get.  I am learning about photography and am not a pro by far but, I take every opportunity to enjoy it!

A few months back, I did a photo shoot for a friend and her family.  This is one of those friendships that will stand the test of time...already has:)  I expect us to be having coffee one day thirty years from now and reminiscing about the days when we had a house full of little ones.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the photo shoot with my friend Megan and her family.

 I just love these silhouette pictures...even the ones that aren't "perfect".  Each one tells a story.

I would love one like this of my family to go across the top of my blog:)

There are seven kids in this family and each one is amazing!  Here is an individual picture of each.

When taking pictures of a large family, you just have to laugh and go with the flow...

...capturing those funny moments, wiggly toddlers...

...and sweet moments too..nothing quite like a big brother!

I treasure these kids and the relationships that my kids have with them.  What a blessing children are!!

Check out this family's website for worship at holyoatmeal.com.  We use many of their songs for our family worship at home.


  1. Oh, you did a great job! I love the silhouette shots. I still take take photos also, but not as much as I used to. I do a lot of family Christmas cards and some senior pics in the spring. I was just editing them. There are some photography link up in my link ups page. They are lots of fun and sometimes give away really fabulous prizes like a new slr camera! By the way what kind of Camera do you use? I have a Nikon D200 and I use lightroom. great job I know the family will be thrilled!

    1. I missed the link up today. It was a busy day with school and then we go to a PE co-op on T afternoons so I forgot but, I hope to link up next week! I will have to check out the photography link ups too. I'm pretty new at all this:) I use a Nikon D80 but would love to upgrade in a few years if I ever decide to start charging for sessions. Right now, I'm not confident enough to charge, so I am just building a portfolio:) What is lightroom?

    2. Light room is an adobe editing program it is pretty easy to use. Awesome for touch up and color corrections and doing artsy colors and tones. You can download a free 30 day trial. I really love it so much better than Photoshop!

  2. amazing photography ... absolutely LOVE the first black and white outline.

    happy day,

    1. Thanks Sarah. Isn't that silhouette amazing? A photography friend of mine showed me that spot and timing. I love it:)

  3. Hi I am visiting from Tesha's link up.
    Great photo's!
    I love taking photo's although I am not good at it!

  4. LOVE the silhouette shots! What a fantastic idea!

    My husband and I have had a photography business for a few years now. Now that we have a three kids though, it's harder to be away from them all (and harder to book a babysitter a year out for wedding contracts!) We're actually shooting our very last wedding here at the first of June this year. It's a season of life. We still enjoy photography, but it doesn't quite fit into family life very well! However, it has proven to be marvelous way to spend time being creative together.

  5. Hi, Allison,

    I love your blog and your photography. The silhouette pictures are incredible. I can never seem to get silhouette pics to turn out that well. Do you have any tips to share? (Time of day, camera setting, etc?)

    1. The silhouette shots that have come out the best for me have been as the sun is going down. One of our local parks has a hill that I use. I have everyone line up on the top of the hill and then position myself (with the camera) so that the sun is just barely behind the hill. Then, you get the light from the sun but not the sun itself. I just keep taking pics maybe 20-30. Each one is such a different story. I also edit them a bit:)
      I don't use many different camera settings but the silhouettes were done on the automatic setting and the individuals were done on the portrait setting. I rarely do manual photography.
      Good luck!

    2. Thanks, Allison - will have to try that!