Monday, April 9, 2012

Seven years with Abby

This month Abby turned seven.  How does that happen so fast?  Life seems to speed up the older that you get...and the more kids that you have...haha.  If you blink, you will surely miss something wonderful.  So, I thought I would post a photo trip through the seven years that we have had with Abby.  

Warning: Lots of pictures to follow!

Here is the first time that Abby and I met face to face.  What a precious little bundle of joy!

4 months

First birthday

13 months

 With Nana Gentala and Grampa Gentala

20 months old with Nana Canion

 20 months old with Grandad Canion

 Two years old


Two and a half years old

Three years old

Three and a half years old

Four years old

Five years old

Six years old

Six and a half years old

Seven years old

Happy seventh to our one and only little princess, Abigail Christine!!

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  1. Aw, happiest of birthdays, dear Abby!! We love you so much and it's such a pleasure to watch you grow into a beautiful young lady.