Friday, April 13, 2012

Art/Science at the Zoo...Drawing.

Well, today was another zoo day.  I thought we should go as often as possible in the next few weeks before we hit 115 degrees and have to stay indoors.

Each time we go to the zoo, I try to do something just a little different to help the kids learn but I end up recycling old ideas too.  Today, we took our Science notebooks (our way of bringing a little Charlotte Mason into the education process) to the zoo so that we could sketch things from God's amazing creation.

Just getting six kids dressed, fed, packed up, and ready for the zoo is a huge event in and of itself...haha.  I will do a post later on how we get out the door.
This morning we had a few extra trials and messes to be cleaned before we could take off, but this is a season of life for me.  I will not always be cleaning up after little ones.  One day they will grow up and leave my home.  So, for now, I try to take the detours with peace and joy:)  Here is a picture of Seth after getting himself ready for the zoo.  I guess I didn't get to him fast enough so he figured he better do it himself...haha.  So cute!

When we finally did arrive at the zoo, the kids immediately asked to take the "Arizona Trail".  This is where all of the desert animals, snakes, frogs, etc are kept.  So, with our Science notebooks in hand, we started through the kids' favorite...and my least favorite...area of the zoo.  Here are a few pictures of the kids sketching creepy things in this area of the zoo...haha.

Sometimes those exhibits are just a little too high for little ones to see...

After the dark rooms we stepped into the Arizona sunshine to enjoy more of the desert creatures.  Wesley was drawing in his Science notebook at every opportunity.

I love it when they enjoy things together in a loving peaceful way...haha.

We took the time to stop by a little pond and look at the Desert Pupfish, read about them, and also check out the tadpoles.  Here are a few pictures.


 The kids investigating and learning.

Here are Wesley and Seth watching the tiger.  The reflection makes him hard to see but the tiger is right through the glass between the two boys. 

I took the opportunity to do some photography...which is one of my passions.  It took me years to appreciate the beauty of the Arizona desert.  The kids tried to sketch a few of these things as well.  The reflection of the trees in the water is always a fun thing to draw.

Here are the kids drawing flowers.

Even Sethy likes to sketch a few things...haha.

 We take TONS of water with us when we are out in the heat of the Phoenix sun!
  This little fellow just hung out and was a real trooper!

 Here is the picture that we take at least once every year.  It's fun to see how the kids grow when we line up all of the pictures.

Here is the same picture four years ago.

 This may become another annual picture that we take.  I love it!  Wish that I had included the reflections as well but I was in a hurry as it was a little nerve racking to have them that far away from me...over water...with the babies.

And then, on the way out, we saw that the splash pad was on.  Oh, how Ransom loved this.  It was his first time on a splash pad and he just could not believe it.  He had no fear and couldn't contain his excitement.

 The other kids joined in too.

 Seth just wanted to stomp on them.

After this we came home for much needed naps and quiet reading time.

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