Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Walk Through Space

Last week we took a walk through space to get an idea of the distance between our planets.  Although I would love to take credit for it, this was a project suggested by our curriculum...not of my own making.  The kids loved it...and the chance to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air and Arizona sunshine.

First, we put the name of each planet and the Sun onto note cards.

Then, we went out in front of our house and everyone chose several cards to place.

Well...all I can say is that he isn't officially a school kid yet...haha!

Next we walked out spaces between each planet starting at the Sun.  Each large step that we took was the equivalent of 5 billion of those steps in space.  We first tried this in our neighborhood but soon found that our street wouldn't be long enough.  

So, we took the cards and our Science book (Genesis for Kids) over to a nature preserve next to our library.  We walked through our galaxy...one planet at a time.  We laid each card down about where that planet would go and then stepped our way to the next planet.  We went a full circle around the lake!  So, we got a little exercise too...especially me as I didn't bring a stroller, backpack, Moby or anything that would help with the baby. 

When we got back to the beginning, we were preparing to circle back around to pick up the cards, when we saw a grandmother with her young granddaughter.  They had been following us...just sure that we were accidentally dropping our planet cards.  She had picked them all up for us...haha.  It would be SO amazing to be accidentally dropping planet cards in order...but there are some science theories out there that might be able to explain just such a thing;)

Last night, as I was bathing the little boys, Wesley said "How about we play a game.  Seth's head is the Earth.  Mine can be Pluto and this yellow scrunchie can be the Sun." Hmmm...maybe we will study relative size next...haha!  But, I love it when the kids remember what we study and try to repeat it or act it out on their own.  Proof that they are learning:) 

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