Monday, January 30, 2012

Rallying the Troops

So, tonight I took the kids to a political rally.  It definitely isn't their first but may have left more of a lasting impression than any other.

The rally was for Peter's previous boss Speaker Kirk Adams who is running for US Congress.  So, this was a candidate that our kids had met on several occasions and recognized. 
They went to rallies for Len Munsil (also a former boss of Peter's) when he was running for Arizona Governor but that was several years ago.

Here is a picture of Kirk Adams and his lovely wife JaNae.

  Vice President Dan Quayle and Congressman Ben Quayle were also there.  

The kids were fascinated by the fact that they were looking at a former vice-president from when Peter and I were kids and that Congressman Ben Quayle was a child when his dad was vice-president.  

But, at this rally, I think they were just as amazed by the fun family atmosphere.  It was like a carnival.

Wesley had this nice lady make him a doggie with a leash.

This is another way to get your kids involved in the current elections.  Find a local rally for a candidate that you support and take the whole family.

If you missed the previous posts on getting kids involved in the election process you can click on the "learning through the elections" link in the labels to the right of this post.

Now to follow up with the kids about what makes a good candidate and how to choose who will get your vote.
I will also have my older three kids write a report on the event...civics, the writing process, and handwriting all in one:)

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