Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family involvement in politics

It is about this time every four years that everyone has an opinion about who would be the best next president for our nation.  It is even more pronounced in recent election cycles with all of the social media out there.  I definitely have my opinion too...but I won't share it in this blog.  I encourage each of you to seek the Lord for which candidate He would have you support....and then get involved!

Get involved in local and state politics.  We so badly need individuals of high morals and integrity to help lead our states and nation.  

Being this time in the election cycle, I thought I would share a few pictures of how we have been involved over the years.  Of course, this has, for many years now, been a part of Peter's job.  But, we chose that because we wanted to be involved.  

We began our life together in Virginia and while there, took the time to soak up all the history and politics that we could.  We were able to be at George W Bush's first inauguration.  We had no children back then and we stood in the freezing cold misty weather to be there live.  Here are a few pictures that I snapped that day...so many years ago.

Love this Texas flag being waved.

Even after having kids, we have stayed involved in politics and campaigns.

Here is a picture of Nathan and Brennan on election day many years ago.

And, here is a picture of our older three kids at one of the many marriage amendment rallies that were a part of our lives for a time.

I don't think that Abby has any memory of this rally:)

Here are a few pictures from the campaign trail a few years later.  I wanted our children to be as involved as possible from the start.  They may not remember much from those early years but it has been a huge part of shaping who they are becoming.

We did quite a bit of traveling that year speaking all over the state of Arizona...as did many others helping with the campaign.  It was a busy season...especially with four little ones and a fifth on the way.  But, I wouldn't trade the life learning. 

Here are a few other political pictures of our family from more recent years.

Truly, my kids know more about how our government runs than I did at their age...maybe than I did in college:)

Watch for a post coming soon about ways to involve your kids in the election process and use it as a learning experience.


  1. Great post! Looking forward to the one about getting your kids involved in the election process.

  2. Isn't it so awesome seeing your kids learn and understand things about your passions? Definitely one of the joys of parenting.

  3. While being recruited for ASU Bethany came to the realization that her upbringing was unusual. She was asked when she was first involved in AZ politics. She replied, "While still in my stroller - my parents helped get John Huppenthal elected for his term in the AZ House. And then there were the three years that my parents were getting the Homeschool law rewritten. My mom would drag us kids down every Wednessday or Thursday in the spring to testify in the Education committees. They kept delaying it week after week, waiting for her not to show up. We would take our math books and my mom would just say, do some more while we wait." :-) And all of the girls are still politically active!