Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nine years with Brennan

I am leaving my "Large Family Organization" series again this Wednesday to celebrate Brennan turning nine.  His birthday was the 28th but with traveling, sickness, and recovery from both, I am just now posting about him.

Brennan John.  There is so much that I could say about him.  He changed our lives.  He taught us how to juggle multiple children and filled our home with laughter.  He has always been our little guy who is full of energy.  He is our very (very, very) active, curious, joking, laughing, nurturing child who is full of warm hugs all the time.  Even now, if I sit down for more than a minute, he will be at my side snuggled up.

I just can't believe that we have had Brennan with us for nearly a decade.  It seems like just yesterday I was a mom of two little boys frequenting mall play areas, story time at the library, women's Bible study at church, and weekly mom's group.  This was my life when Brennan joined us. 

Here is Brennan as a baby.  I actually don't have many baby pictures of him in digital form.  Yep, he is that old...haha.  Our digital pictures started with Abby:)

Tons of pictures ahead!

Three months

Six months

Eight months and sporting the blue eyes that later turned green.

Eleven months

Thirteen Months

Eighteen Months

At just twenty three months, Brennan became a very loving big brother.

Two years old. 

Yep, that's him throwing the pumpkin...haha.

Three years old

Four years old

 Five years old.

Six years old.

Seven years.

Eight years old.

Always the nurturing big brother.

And, nine years old. 

He is athletic, artistic, and musical and we are so proud of the young man that he is becoming!

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  1. He is a doll. I love the one with the watermelon, his eyes look AMAZING!