Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Olympics

This past week we completed our theme unit study that the kids and I work through as a family.  So, on Friday, we had a celebration to mark the end of this school year.  

(We will continue with morning Math and Language lessons through most of the summer as a year round schedule just seems to fit our lifestyle.)  

Because we had been studying early Greek life, we decided to have our very own family Olympics.  Each family member planned their own competition or race and we spent the morning at the neighborhood park.  Here are a few pictures from our day.

The little boys played in the sand for much of the morning.

Ransom decided to join the fun by snatching our cones at every opportunity.

Each team had a plastic spoon for a baton.


I love this one of Wesley.  He was trying so hard to keep up with the "big kids".  And, he did really well!

Toddler race...haha.

After our games were done, we picked up some Greek food and took it to a local splash pad to cool off.  Because, after all, how can we learn about Athens and Sparta without a little Greek food...haha.

Sethy's little hand.  I love the details that photography allows me to capture.

 This will be one "last day of school" that the kids will not soon forget...and neither will Peter and I.


  1. And what is the Greek Olympics without Sethy's cape? Every Olympics needs a cape-wearing hero/athlete.

    What fun that must have been for all of you! Well done, my uber-organized homeschooling mama-friend!

  2. How fun!!! I love the idea :) We are finishing on Friday yaaaa!!!!

  3. It's official ... I want to be a student in your classroom. Happy summer fun.

  4. I've been collecting ideas for a family olympics! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I love the idea of the kids coming up with their own events. And of course Greek food is always a winner! :)