Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Years with Wesley

Well, what can I say but that once again, one of my kids is crossing a milestone and growing up way too fast.  All it takes is for me to blink and they grow up.  Wesley is now five years old.  Here is a photo trip through the five years that the Lord has allowed us to have this fantastic little fellow.

Warning: Lots of pictures ahead!

Here is the first time that I met Wesley face to face.  He came quick with no complications and was a very peaceful baby...just what I needed with four kids five and under! He soon became a Mama's boy and never wanted to be separated from his Mama...still doesn't today:)

 Wesley was the first baby who had siblings old enough to really love on him...and he is much loved.

One Month old Wesley with Mommy.

Six months old.

Nine months old

One year old


18 months old 

You would never know that he was loosing weight as an infant and upset lots of doctors who then ordered multiple tests.  Looks healthy here!

Two years old

One day after his second birthday, he became a "big brother" to Seth and the two are inseparable buddies.

Two and a half years old

Three years old.

Three and a half years old.

Four years old.

The oldest of the three little boys...few boys can claim that! 

Five years old.

May the 4th be with you my little Jedi.  Perfect day for a little boy to be born!

Happy fifth birthday to our sweet little Mama's boy...Wesley Micah.  May God bless you as you grow in Him.

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  1. Happy birthday, sweet Wesley! We love our little "May the Fourth Be With You" friend. So many blessings on your special day!

    Love, The Mehans