Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Presidential Rally

Today we decided to take the kids to another rally...this time for one of the republican presidential candidates.  We heard that Rick Santorum would be in town and thought it would be a great learning experience after going, a few weeks ago, to a rally for Kirk Adams, who is running for Congress.

So, to prepare, the kids and I went to The Dollar Store and bought some poster boards, markers, and flags.  Then we went home and talked about what people write on rally posters.  One of my kids suggested that we write "Ricky is the Man".  Haha.  Well, we didn't put that on a sign but I was impressed with the signs that the kids did create.  Here are a few pictures.

I honestly had no idea that Wesley could write as we haven't started schooling him yet.  Amazing what they just pick up!

 I love this picture that Abby drew of The Capitol building. 
After loading everyone into the van and driving downtown, we arrived at the rally with time to spare...no small feat with six kids...haha!

Here are a few pictures of the kids waiting for the rally to begin.

Our funny little Sethy is always ready to clown around and have fun...laughter is one of his gifts:)
Ransom, on the other hand was not so happy...actually only at this moment because I handed him away to get a picture.  He really is a Santorum supporter...honest.

 That's my patriotic little boy!

After prayer and introductions from several fantastic speakers, Rick Santorum, his wife, and three of their children came on stage.  

The kids really enjoyed this rally as two of the speakers before Rick Santorum were people that my kids had met before.  I love for the kids to see that those people on stage are just regular people like you and I.  

Here is a picture of Peter and Wesley enjoying the rally.
Looks like that flag waving is hard work...haha.
 Well...at least you know she did it all on her own...haha!
Here are the older boys taking it all in.  I love how you can see their personalities in their expressions and posture.
Here is Wesley as Santorum was speaking.  I couldn't get him to stay still enough to get a clear shot.

After the rally, Santorum walked right out into the crowd and talked to the media and supporters, signed autographs, and shook hands.  Fantastic.  Here are a few pictures of this.

Here is Rick Santorum shaking hands with the boys.  Those heads at the bottom of the picture are Nathan and Brennan.

We managed to get a campaign sign autographed.  You can see Nathan, Brennan, and Wesley all watching.
We took home a few yard signs.  Better put them up quick the Arizona primary is next week!
 You can't start them too young...haha! 
(Disclaimer: I did not go out and purchase a republican toy for my infant son...it was a gift.  But, he has been carrying it around tons lately.  Smart kid!)

Here is Nathan with his autographed campaign sign...which is now hanging above his bed...my little Alex Keaton...haha.

We also made it into a CNN report on the rally that I can't get to upload here but here is the link.


This was a busy, exciting, and educational day for all of us.   In the end, I am really happy with how the kids are learning through the elections.

 I believe that as a parent, it is important to train our children in every area of life.  How will they know, if we don't teach them? 

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