Friday, February 10, 2012

Under the Sea

In honor of Fantastic Friday, and because we are studying water creatures, I decided to take the kids to a local aquarium.  I honestly didn't even know that we had one of this side of town until I did a little research. aquarium in the desert!

I don't usually tell the kids what we are doing until the morning of when children are dressed, chores done, and they are all sitting on the couch...although, they sometimes get hints by what I ask them to wear or what I am packing...haha.  All week they have been guessing and trying to trick me into giving up the secret.

This morning when I told them we were going to an aquarium they were all puzzled.  We had never been to one before (outside of small ones at zoos).
Here are the pictures of our day at the aquarium.

*I went back and forth between flash and no flash for the pictures trying to get the best shots of the day.  Also, some areas didn't allow for flash photograph.  The flash tends to make everything in the background dark but without the flash, the pictures tend to be blurry. 

First, we all got our hands stamped.
Next, was a little chemistry lesson.  The kids were able to test the salt water and make sure that it had safe levels for the fish.
 Salt levels are right.

 Looks safe.

 There was a great tidal pool with all kinds of little critters...
 ...and a wave would crash in every few minutes.

 Without flash...
 ...with flash.

 Ransom had fun too.
 This means Ransom is getting tired...
 ...and this means it's time to go.  LOL
So, it was a fun and educational day. 

This is a great place to visit maybe once a year or so...wouldn't want a season pass. We may go again on a hot summer day when we are looking for air conditioned entertainment...haha.  The normal price is also a bit high but being that it was "homeschool week" we were able to get a great price and it was worth the money.

Fun day for all!

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