Monday, August 6, 2012

The REAL Life of a Large Homeschooling Family

We've all seen the photos of happy smiling families with tons of kids and do they do that?  I mean, it's hard enough to get just a few kids dressed up, hair combed, and smiling (without nose picking...yes, we have a nose picker in our family).  Well, the trick is digital photography and a large SD card...haha!

I believe that every homeschool family, whether large or small, is quite distinctive in educational philosophy, reasons for homeschooling, method, schedules, family size, choice of curricula, roles of parents, etc.  I have been in the homeschool community for over 25 years and never have I met two families who did things exactly the same way. 

So, the REAL life of a large homeschooling family must be flexible.  I am a scheduler and run a pretty tight ship mostly because I see no other way to get everything done.  But, there are times that having so many little ones with different needs trumps the schedule...and I am learning to be okay with that:)

Here are a few things that you would find in our REAL life large family homeschool.

In our large family homeschool, the start date of the new school year can be predicted by first trimester sickness.  This is the case this year, although I am coming out of that phase and gaining more energy every day.  I think my kids are secretly praying for me to stay sick just a little longer...haha. 

In our large family homeschool, the start time of a particular day may be predicted by a sick child, explosive diaper, character issue, potty training, chores that were incomplete, or a great conversation that happens and I just want to soak up that time with a particular kid...and sometimes because I slept in and am running around a little crazy.

In our large family homeschool, curriculum is second to character.  I strive to give my children a broad and well balanced education, but the best education in the world will not matter if their character has not been shaped and developed.  I can't count the times that we have had to put aside the books and deal with heart issues...or the times that I have let it slide and regretted it.

In our large family homeschool, we sleep in when some of the children have been unwell, ditch the schedule, and just hit the basics.  Everyone learns better when they are well rested and healthy.

In our large family homeschool, we do much of our schooling together (everyone who doesn't take an afternoon nap) using theme units.  This is my favorite thing.   

How does your homeschooling run?

Now that I am coming out of the first trimester sickness that has made this blog a low priority, I hope to  post a few times on how we school different ages, what we do for Kindergarten, and our updated schedule now that we don't have an infant in the house.

I guess that means I need to get busy with the planning.  There is still much to be done before that first day of school.

Looking forward to a great year of learning together with my kids!

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  1. I love homeschooling! I have just started to really scheduled thing because well because I have to. I never like scheduled but changed my mind after I read mangers o their homes. SO glad to see you are through the first trimester :)I hope the good lord adds to our family soon also.