Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School Fun

Because we homeschool, we end up missing out on some of the excitement that surrounds the first day of school...a new class...new teacher...etc..  So, I really like to create our own first day fun:)  Each year I look for some fun project that we can do on the first day of school before I introduce the kids to the new curriculum. 

This year I found that the aquarium near us would be having "homeschool week" at just the right time.  I suppose they know that homeschoolers will be the only ones venturing out in the first week or so of school.  So, Peter took the day off and we all went to the aquarium together.

First, the kids were part of a class where they were able to dissect a squid.  There was much anticipation over this.  They couldn't believe that they were going to actually cut open a squid.  I was pretty sure that a couple of them wouldn't make it through, but I was wrong.  They all enjoyed it.

Our little explorer.

Wesley did more looking than cutting, separating, or taking parts out...haha. 

What fun for the boys...and Abby too.

After the class, we walked through all of the aquarium rooms and studied the details of all of the different sea life.

I love it when they all do things together:)

Ransom loved these stingrays.  They kept coming over and rubbing up against the glass right in front of him and he would squeal with excitement.

 Yes, Seth is picking his nose again...sigh.

Inside the aquarium tunnel.

After driving home and a quick lunch and clean up (and a rest), we painted a sea life mural on a large piece of brown paper taped up on the wall outside.  It's still pretty hot our here so this project didn't last long.

And, we enjoyed some $1 water animals that I picked up the day before to keep us out of the gift shop.

Now to dig into the "book work".  We will be studying "Rome to the Reformation" this year.
Can't wait!!

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