Friday, March 2, 2012


One way that I have chosen to help my kids learn through the elections this year is to volunteer.  Now, with six kids, this is NOT easy...but I feel that it is important for my kids to experience volunteering from their earliest years.  I would like volunteering to be a part of who they are no matter where they choose to volunteer...that they would give of themselves for the good of another.

So, on Tuesday, we went to the polls to collect signatures for a candidate that we support.  You know...the people with clipboards that you run from at the library?  That was us!  Most elected positions require a particular number of signatures to get a candidate's name on the ballot.  Usually...this is all that they are asking you to sign...nominating petition to get a candidate's name or a proposition on the ballot.  But, you would have thought that we were asking them to handle a snake...haha.

For better or worse, here are a few pictures of us collecting signatures for Kirk Adams, who is running for US Congress.

The sun was really bright when it chose to peek out from behind the clouds.


For all of those political junkies out there...I did the signature collecting, Brennan just enjoyed holding the clipboard and interacting with people:)

After a while, the kids lost interest and turned to reading or playing games, but they will remember this for years to come.  They now know that running a campaign takes lots of volunteers.  In the two hours, we managed to get less than 15 signatures.   Getting your name on the ballot takes more work than one person can do.  It takes volunteers.

 So, as you learn through the elections, get out there and volunteer on the campaign of a candidate that you support and take the kids along.  It will change who they become.  Because, like I said in a previous post, you may have the next governor or even president living right in your home.  Train them well...while you can...haha!

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  1. I so would have signed petitions by those cute kids! It could be a new campaign strategy.

    happy day,