Saturday, March 3, 2012

Election Party

What is an election without an election party?  We love to watch the results come in and decided to invite a few families over to enjoy the evening with us.

So, after returning from volunteering at the polls we started getting ready for our Arizona Primary Election Party.  We did some last minute cleaning...not that much really as there would be 18 kids running around...haha.

We then made some cookies for the party.  I had bought some great patriotic cookie cutters a while back and the kids really enjoyed the process of rolling, cutting, baking, and icing.

Here are a few pictures of the kids making cookies.

After baking the cookies, the kids used (clean) paintbrushes to paint the icing on the cookies.  This is my favorite method for icing sugar cookies.  I make the icing a little thicker than then recipe so that there is very little dripping. 

As we painted the flags, we reviewed the parts of the American Flag (my kids fondly call "Old Glory") and the symbolism of each.

50 stars = 50 states
13 red stripes = 13 original colonies

White -  purity and innocence
Red - hardiness and valor
Blue - vigilance, perseverance and justice

Stars and Stripes...Forever. 

Someone made an (almost) Israeli flag...hmmm...I guess they are better educated on current events than I thought...haha. 

We had snacks, patriotic music, an in-house election, and election results on the television, and a last minute president trivia.  What a fun way to celebrate our country and learn through the election process.
I think we will do this again in November! 

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  1. We are going to have an election party tomorrow too. I love the cookies!