Monday, August 19, 2013

Quiet Book Car Edition

One after noon as I was scrolling through Pintrest, I came across one of the cutest ideas ever for keeping little boys' hands busy while sitting still and quiet (for us this would be mostly during church).  It is a little quiet book with matchbox cars and a little road on which to drive them.  With six boys in the house, we do cars!  Here is a picture of the open book.

So, I went to Joann's with my 50% off coupon and teacher discount card to see what kinds of cute automotive fabrics I could find. 

I decided to go with a red truck fabric and a gray background that I felt complimented it well.  Now, I am not a perfectionist when it comes to sewing projects and with most types of projects I like to use no pattern or make my own.  This project was no exception.  I cut two rectangular pieces of gray fabric that were the same size to use for the background.

And, with my grandmother's machine in front of me and my daughter sewing away on her little machine, I began to stitch this gift of love for my little boys.  

I cut the red truck fabric the same width as the gray fabric.  I folded it in half (vertically), pinned it to the bottom of one of the gray pieces, and stitched around the sides and bottom making sure to leave the top open.

Next I stitched vertical likes about two inches apart ( I would do 2.5-3 inches next time) to form pockets for the cars.  I decided to stitch the road onto the gray instead of adding a seperate piece of fabric here.  I did a loose zigzag stitch for each side of the road.  Using pins, I marked off one inch segments and made a tight yellow zigzag for the dashes down the center ever other inch. 

 I cut out the shape of a car, added two black buttons for wheels and stitched them to the other piece of gray fabric so that it would be on the front cover.  Then I placed the two pieces of gray fabric right sides together, pinned in the red piping, and closure strap.  Next, I stitched around leaving a small space open for turning (just like making a pillow).  I decided to add a loose top stitch in red for a finishing touch.  Now, I just need to add some Velcro to the strap to keep it closed.

Here is a picture with the cars in the pockets.  This folds up nicely to carry in my diaper bag for a great quiet activity that is always with me:)

 I'm really happy with the way this turned out.  I have the supplies to make another just like it but am thinking I may add more pages with other quiet activities like buttons, zippers, etc..  Any suggestions for the other pages of my next quiet book?

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