Thursday, May 9, 2013

Beauty in the Desert

Today we took a field trip to the Desert Botanical Garden.  For years I had seen the sign for this place and honestly wondered if a desert garden could in fact be fantastic.  After walking through gardens in Texas and the East Coast, I wasn't sure what to expect from a desert garden.  But, because we were given several admission tickets, I decided to load up everyone and set out to study desert plants.  

Hoping to beat the Arizona heat, we set out early and were able to enjoy some hands-on learning before we melted in the scorching sun.

Here are a few pictures of God's amazing desert artwork.

There was a fantastic butterfly exhibit where we were able to go inside and experience a butterfly habitat. Amazingly enough, they actually allowed the double stroller inside so it wasn't too hard to manage.  Here are a few pictures.

We took along our science notebooks so the kids could spend some time sketching God's creation and recognizing all of the amazing detail in each plant and critter. 

 The little guys just came along for the ride.  They picked up some tidbits of learning by just watching the older kids in the learning process.  It's a bit like a one room schoolhouse:)

I just had to include this "Seussish" plant.  We had a good laugh at some of the plants and their names.  We also were able to see an Agave plant from which our agave sweetener is made.  Overall, a fun day of learning:)

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  1. Oh WOW it is Beautiful indeed!! I am so happy to see you posted I was thinking of you recently wondering how you have been. Also could you send me your email I would love to pick your brain about something:) THANKS!