Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tent Building

More "cheap summer fun" here at Life as a Mother of Many.  Today, we decided to do something that I really enjoyed when I was a in a tent.  Here is a picture of me playing in a tent with my older brother and dad when I was young.

So, today we made our own tents with sheets and the dining room table.  This is always a winner.  We just pull out some old sheets, throw them over the table, and whah-la cheap summer fun!  This time we added a tunnel that we have for extra "rooms".  Evidently everyone needs their own "room" in a tent...haha.

Some of the pictures are dark as I haven't purchased the "extra" flash for the old camera and I am without an editing program as I look into the options.  But, you get the general idea from the pictures.  Fun for the whole family...even the "big kids" joined in from time to time:)

 Love those baby curls!

The tunnel was a tight fit for the older boys but they found a way to make it work and I was cracking up watching them:)

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