Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dinner is Served

So, once again, I over estimated how many days that my family would be content to eat Thanksgiving leftovers.  I love eating leftovers because it means less time in the kitchen creating something new.  I don't really love to cook in the everyday while managing the kids.  Holiday cooking is different though...love it...and love to involve the kids in the process.  After Friday, they were ready to move on...but I didn't plan this in my grocery shopping.  I LOVE cornbread dressing, turkey, potatoes, and cranberries and could eat this meal regularly.  But, my family doesn't agree with me.  So, I was looking for a quick and easy change from holiday leftovers and noticed that I had several tomatoes left that I didn't use up along with some broth and heavy whipping creme.  Perfect ingredients for tomato soup!  So, I chopped the tomatoes (normally I would use some onion or leek but didn't have any on hand today) and simmered them in the broth with a little garlic, pepper, basil, and oregano (also didn't have fresh spices so dried would have to do).  I started these ingredients simmering at our lunch break and started up the bread maker as well.

Here are the ingredients simmering.

 Here they are after simmering for a few hours.
About an hour before dinner I used my hand blender to puree the tomato mixture and added a little of the heavy creme that I had left from making whipped cream for pies.  I don't strain out the skins and seeds as I like to eat whole foods as much as possible.  They really puree quite nicely and you don't have the mess of trying to strain them out.
Here is a picture of the soup after being pureed and with the heavy cream added.

Add in the warm whole wheat bread and dinner is served!

Nothing like warm tomato soup and fresh bread on a cool evening:)  Not one kid complained about the soup even though they knew it was tomato...nice.

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