Thursday, November 3, 2011

Abbylocks and the Three Little Brothers

I was driving home the other night and happened to have just the younger four kids with me.  It had been a long day and they were thoroughly wiped...and so was I.  As I drove, I could hear the sparks of arguments and clashes starting to ignite. So, before this could turn into an all out blaze and in an effort to get a few giggles out of them, I told them the story of "Abbylocks and the Three Little Brothers".  I enjoyed re-creating the characters in the story with similarities to my younger four kids.  They laughed over and over again as I re-told this beloved children's story.  Of course, our Abbylocks played with the three little brother's legos instead of eating their porridge and when the middle "little brother" realized that his legos had been disturbed, he said "mine, mine".  Then Abbylocks was chased from the room with two of the little brothers wielding Nerf swords and another crawling after her.
Pretty soon, Abby and Wesley wanted to make up their own versions of a nursery rhyme or story.  It was truly delightful to hear the thoughts from their little minds and the giggles from their hearts as they told their nonsensical stories.  Before we knew it, we were home and ready for baths and bed.  I was amazed at just how easy it had been to turn around the mood in the van and even more amazed that I had forgotten this little trick for so long. 
It had been possibly years since I had made up these stories and I had forgotten just how much the kids love hearing their names in these stories.  Although, Abby wasn't as excited about "The Three Little Brothers and the Big Bad Abby"...haha:)  Next time we may have to try "Snow Abby and the Four...I mean Five Dwarfs" (even I have a hard time keeping up with how many kids I have...haha!).
This made for a super sweet ending to a long day...and put us all in better moods:)

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